Paradise is Coming!


Phillip Adams BalletLab and Yellow Wheel invite you to experience Paradise!

Paradise is a re-proposal of previous work Pacific by PABL Artistic Director, Phillip Adams made for Brazilian Ballet Company, Companhia de Ballet da Cidade de Niterói in 2016. For Paradise, Adams has transferred this work onto the 20 young dancers of pre-professional dance company Yellow Wheel. Inspired by childhood memories growing up in Papua New Guinea, 60s and 70s television and the cultural and social influences of making the original work in Niteroi, Brazil, Paradise evokes a world of imagined ceremony, pageantry and procession all expressed through an original and vibrant choreography adapted for an Australian setting. The work pays homage to a variety of influences spanning a number of decades and across multiple continents creating a celebratory new dance work performed to classical music by Richard Strauss.