Create an environment that supports young artists and connects them to the professional dance industry.

Lead the renewal of the dance sector by fostering inquisitive and innovate young artists.

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Quality. Integrity. Rigour.

Yellow Wheel specialises in making professional dance work with young people. We believe that youth and community projects are synonymous with artistic merit and quality. Professionals work alongside our young artists to create truly unique work that draws on their strengths and offerings. The collaborative practice and development of our work is rigourous and this shows clearly in the high calibre products.

Inspire. Educate. Support

The benefits of art for people and communities is well researched. We believe that our projects create radical, positive change to the lives of young people and aspiring artists in Melbourne. Each of our offerings are designed and implemented in a way that is tailored specifically for those involved, ensuring they feel inspired, enabled and supported. The company acts as a bridge between the community and arts industry, connecting those that want to pursue a career in or related to the arts. Yellow Wheel advocates for the power of dance to help young people become confident, empathetic, thoughtful and hard-working society members.


Artists. Youth. Community.

Yellow Wheel supports and employs professional artists to create work and engage deeply with young people. Every artist has a unique perspective to offer and their voices are always respected and received. As the instigators, changers, makers and leaders of the future, we feel it is essential to nurture and support our youngest generation and connect them with robust arts practices. Strengthening ties within our community and inspiring people is also of the highest importance to Yellow Wheel.

Meaning. Relevance. Impact.

We embrace the singularity of our position and the unique place and context in which Yellow Wheel exists and makes work. We fully accept that art has the power to impact on and change lives, and we endeavour to instigate projects that have genuine meaning and relevance to those involved. Our work is not created in a vacuum and placed within our community; it is born from, grows within and truly reflects our community.

Bravery. Daring. Risk.

We will never be cautious or apologetic with our art making. We will never bubble-wrap our young artists and assume they can only handle what is safe. We will continue to create work that pushes boundaries, takes risks and defies expectations of both dance and young performers.