Yellow Wheel’s 2013 Major Season



Science fiction allows us to examine the human condition from a distance and our reliance on and love for our smartphones is the greatest sci-fi story of them all.

FX started with the simple idea of making sound effects with voices and syncing them to movement. The work then evolved to become a grander exploration of communication, our interaction with technology and Adam’s continual fascination with young people and their relationship to dance.

FX was supported by Arts Victoria, Megafun, Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move, The Space and 2ND TOE.

Download the program here [PDF]

Images by Byron Perry.


Adam Wheeler

Guest Choreographer  
Jake Kuzma

Joshua Lowe

Alisdair Macindoe

Lighting Designer  
JB Knibbs

Costume Designer
Benjamin Hancock

Production Manager
Matt Scott (Megafun)

Graphic Designer
Marc Lyon

Rain Francis

Front of House
Frankie Snowdon

Andrew Fraser, Ashley Clappers, Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Bonnie Harris, Chris Chua, Elly-Rose Tew, Emily Collins, Eve Newton-Johnson, Felix Palmerson, Francesca Meale, Hana Dawson, Imogen Agar, Karina Gaal, Kate Horner, Kathleen Lott, Kyall Shanks, Madison Phillips, Matthew Hyde, Maud Leger, Maxine Palmerson, Mikayla Thomas, Natalie Surry, Nikki Hayes, Rosey Lathouras & Sebastian Geilings.