Yellow Wheel’s 2016 Major Season



QUARK was presented at Yellow Wheel's major season in 2016, and was choreographed by Adam Wheeler and Kyall Shanks, in collaboration with a cast of 22 young dancers. QUARK explores our human need to connect to each other, and how social media threatens this construct. The work was inspired by quarks, the smallest known layer of matter in the Universe. The more two quarks are separated, the more strained their bond becomes, until they will snap and create two new quark pairs; they can never exist in isolation.

QUARK integrates choreography with cutting-edge motion sensing technology, creating light animations that respond in live time to the dancers' bodies in motion. The work also features an original score by composer Duane Morrison.

Viewed from all four sides, it as if the work is being examined under a microscope by the audience. Featuring intricate and quiet duos juxtaposed against a heaving mass of bodies, QUARK is both visually impressive and strangely moving. The work ends with the audience invited on stage to learn and perform a duo with one of the cast.

Quark was supported by Creative Victoria and Chunky Move

Photos by Pip Samaya


Artistic Director
Adam Wheeler

Company Manager
Joshua Lowe

Adam Wheeler , Kyall Shanks and Dancers

Motion Tracking Design
Nick Roux

Lighting Design and Production Management
Chris Payne

Duane Morrison

Costume Designer
Rebecca Jensen

Aimee Ratiman, Angela Dexter, Anna Tolotchkov, Ash Trusler,  Bonnie Sampson, Diana Micairan, Eiren Chamley Elizabeth Becker, Emily Laursen, Georgina Bond, Jacinta Harris, Jenn Ma, Kate Horner, Matilda Butler Webb, Nicole Hrissis, Nikki Hayes, Rachel Mackie, Romain Hassanin, Ruby Teather, Shani Glenn-Ward, Tessa Kent, Tilly Kutey