July 7th - 8th
Melbourne Dance Centre

Abigail Benham-Bannon + Charlie Lloyd + Charlotte Sans + Diana Micairan + Eiren Chamley + Elly Tew + Eugenie English + Jacqui Maida + Romain Hassanin

SHOWROOM gives young choreographers the opportunity to create work, often for the first time. Yellow Wheel company members have been supported by Artistic Director Adam Wheeler to develop and present their own short works. Thank you for coming along and supporting!

Artistic Director: Adam Wheeler

Company Manager: Joshua Lowe

Stage Manager: Sam Cuthbertson

All proceeds of SHOWROOM go towards Yellow Wheel's 2017 major work, The People's Art. It is proudly supported by our official venue partner Melbourne Dance Centre and Yellow Wheel's big sister company Lucy Guerin Inc.

1. Uncomfort zone

Choreographer: Charlotte Sans

Dancers: Charlie Lloyd, Diana Micairan, Elly Tew, Hendrik Lesmana, Mona Isabell Suck and Romain Hassanin.

Being surprised and amazed, destabilizing and surpassing ourselves, being thrilled by the risk, satisfying our curiosity, spicing up our lives. Slowly taming the unknown, this unfamiliar and unpredictable place where there is a high risk to trip, scratch ourselves, or fall. Flirting with the limits of your comfort zone, until you realise how enjoyable the discomfort is. Then, there is no way back.

2. Celestial Bodies

Choreographer: Eiren Chamley

Dancers: Cora Hughes, Maddi Cushion, Pat O'Luanaigh

3. Finding Echoes

Choreographer: Abigail Benham-Bannon with Dancers

Dancers: Charlotte Sans, Eiren Chamley, Maddi Cushion, Nuala Rooney, Ash Trusler, Siobhan Henderson and Shaira Slater.

Composition: 'Consonance with Dissonance', by David Stephens

"Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself." - Mohsin Hamid




4. People dancing with lamps

Choreographer: Charlie Lloyd

Dancers: Elly Tew, Matilda Butler Webb, Cora Hughes, Eugenie English, Eiren Chamley and Rachel Mackie

5. Inscribe

Choreographer: Diana Micairan

Dancers: Emily Laursen and Diana Micairan

Transposing the tacit experience of writing and the stream of consciousness into a movement investigation.

Shout out to Rob Gunn, Jeremy Williams and Chris Chua for your generous digital donations!

6. Dust & Tether

Choreographer: Eugenie English

Dancers: Giselle Graham, Eugenie English and Patrick O'Luanaigh

This short work explores the correlation and magnetism between two divided entities, learning to coexist.


7. …but how much of you is repetition…

Choreographer: Romain Hassanin

Dancers: Emily Laursen, Rachel Mackie, Diana Micairan, Jai Leeworthy, Charlie Lloyd and Romain Hassanin.

…when you look inward at yourself, you become the viewer of yourself, and those moments of questioning turn to; is that really me? or is it just a response to the environment. a brief form of neurosis maybe, a so called natural response to stressors and stimuli. neurosis is ok friend…

8. Is it raining where you are?

Choreographer and Dancer: Jacqui Maida

Costumes by: Sue Maida

Rain is viewed as an inconvenience. A disruption. Something for us to avoid and work around. But despite being seen as this disruption, rain can bring a collection of joyous and blissful moments. This piece aims to evoke the experiences of when life stops, and the rain begins.

9. Pap-ya!

Choreographer: Elly Tew

Dancers: Rachel Mackie, Emily Laursen, Charlie Lloyd, Cora Hughes, Pat O'Luanaigh, Eiren Chamley, Nuala Rooney and Elly Tew.

Hotline bling, towel over face, dressing up, gluten free, tea that isn't ours, beige trenchcoats, toe socks, presence vs awareness, papaya, fresh flowers, swinging down the line, peach/mandarin, god, matter and mind, perceptions, impressions and abundance of lovely.

About Yellow Wheel

Yellow Wheel strives to be at the forefront of contemporary dance practice for young people in Victoria. We encourage the growth of the unbridled ambitions of talented young artists and challenge expectations in the search for innovation. At Yellow Wheel everyone is given the opportunity to foster their creativity and connect to the professional dance industy.

Address        28 Batman St, West Melbourne VIC 3003

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