Yellow Wheel’s 2014 Major Season

I Came Here To Dance Once


Yellow Wheel presented its 2014 major season, I Came Here To Dance Once,  as a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

For this season Yellow Wheel unleashed acclaimed choreographer Jo Lloyd alongside Joshua Lowe, Amber McCartney and company member Arabella Frahn-Starkie to make new contemporary dance works with a company of 30 next generation dance artists. I Came Here To Dance Once is a dance project that spans over three decades of insight about our relationship to the body and how it moves.

I Came Here To Dance Once was shortlisted for an Australian Dance Award.


Jo Lloyd, Joshua Lowe, Amber McCartney & Arabella Frahn-Starkie

Joshua Lowe

Duane Morrison

Lighting Designer
Jennifer Hector

Costume Designer
Rebecca Jensen

Production Manager
Gene Hedley (Megafun)

Rehearsal Director
Bicky Lee (for Hunger)

Front of House
Bicky Lee & Alix Gardiner

Aya Carter, Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Ben Hurley, Bianca Mason, Chad McLachlan, Charlie Lloyd, Elly Tew, Elmira Forrest, Emma Riches, Eve Newton-Johnston, Gabby Herrmann, Hillary Goldsmith, Imogen Agar, Jacqui Aylward, Jacqueline Trapp, Kate Horner, Kathleen Campone, Kathleen Lott, Lotus Hall, Louisa D’Ortenzio, Madison Phillips, Marlo Benjamin, Maxine Palmerson, Natalie Surry, Olivia McPherson, Sebastian Geillings, Shenae Larkin, Siobhan McKenna, Tahlia Hayes & Tanya Alers.