Yellow Wheel’s 2012 Major Season

Dance Robot Dance


Yellow Wheel formed in 2012 and kicked off with its first major season, Dance Robot Dance.

Dance Robot Dance debuted the company in tremendous style. Part documentary, part dance work it examined what it is like to be a young dancer today. The work explored our culture’s love/hate relationship with dance, the insecurities that it can bring to a young dancers life, and the freedom that it contagiously affects us with. What does it really mean to dedicate your life to dance at such a young age? What are the ups and downs of a life in dance, and how do our imperfections and individualities make us unique and important?

Dance Robot Dance was supported by Lucy Guerin Inc, C-KOL, and Cornerstone Events.

Photos by Adam Wheeler.


Adam Wheeler

Adam Wheeler with Dancers

Video Artists
Jessie Oldfield & Adam Murfet (C-KOL)

Sound Arrangement
Adam Wheeler

Lighting Designer
JB Knibbs

Ali Brand, Andrew Fraser, Anna Kallstorm, Arabella Frahn-Starkie, Ashlea English, Ashley Clappers, Emma Hurley, Felix Palmerson, Harrison Hall, Hayley Raw, Jessica Mccracken-Bell, Karina Gaal, Madison Phillips, Mia Ingram, Molly Gardner-Drummond, Rhiarna Ball, Roseanne Lathouras, Sarah Bruce, Sebastian Geilings, Sophia Lewis, Tammy McLinden & Viva Foster.