Yellow Wheel’s 2015 Major Season

Caught Yellow Handed


In 2015 Yellow Wheel combined our major season and company choreographic season, SHOWROOM, to present nine new short works.

Caught Yellow Handed gave eight young choreographers a chance to expand their choreographic interests while being mentored through upskill development sessions with Alice Lee Holland, Steph Lake & Israel Aloni. Celebrating everything orange in the performance space at Chunky Move, our young makers got to experience what it is like to create and present their own dance works in a major season.

Caught Yellow Handed was supported by Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move and The Space.

Download the program here [PDF]

Images by Pip Samaya.


Adam Wheeler, Andrew Fraser, Charlie Lloyd, Ella Carmen, Jaala Jensen-Meagher, Jessica Failli, Kathleen Campone, Oonagh Slater, Rachel Gilbert, and Rachael Wisby.

Joshua Lowe

Lighting Designer
JB Knibbs

Costume Designer
Rebecca Jensen

Production Manager
Caitlyn Livingstone

Front of House
Grace Hooper

Angela Dexter, Ash Trusler, Ben Hurley, Bronwyn Dwyer, Charlie Lloyd, Chris Chua, Ella Carman, Elly Tew, Emily Laursen, Ethan Meaney, Georgia Steele, Jaala Jensen, Jessica Failli, Lauren French, Luke Fryer, Lydia Mcglichey, Kate Horner, Max Franco, Maxine Palmerson, Nikki Hayes, Nuria Khasim, Oonagh Slater, Rachel Gilbert & Rhyannah Macrae.