Members of Company 1 2019 are invited to apply to choreograph a work for Trip The Light 19.

Choreographers will be allocated dancers from the company, and rehearsal time on Sundays at WXYZ Studios. Throughout Term 2, Kyall and Josh will offer ongoing mentorship and feedback on your work and processes. 

Trip The Light will be presented in August, with dates to be confirmed.

Applicants are asked to complete the form below by Friday April 19th.

Your Name *
Your Name
You may want to include a potential title, sources of inspiration (other works, art, music, literature, people, pop culture etc), themes/concepts/ideas you are exploring, any set/costume/props, or any tasks/processes you will undertake to generate material. It is important to paint a clear picture of what the piece may look like, or at least the process you will undertake to achieve it.